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Patricia, a child of the Living God, was raised in a nurturing environment where her mother welcomed numerous youth and young adults into their home, fostering a deep sense of familial connection that endures to this day. With a loving husband and three children, she finds strength and purpose in her faith as a member of ST. Mary's FWB Church Apex NC. Guided by her conviction that God calls her to serve the most vulnerable, Patricia is dedicated to supporting foster care children, utilizing her innate gift for mentoring and empowering young people to fulfill their potential. As a proud member of GRAND VOICES, representing North Carolina, she collaborates to shape policies and initiatives that uplift grand families, advocating for their needs and strengths. Patricia's journey includes educational achievements from Wake Tech and a diverse background in criminal justice, counseling, and patient care, reflecting her commitment to making a difference in the lives of others, one step at a time.

Kinship Care

Kinship care entails the nurturing of children by relatives or close family friends, serving as a preferred option when children cannot remain with their birth parents. This arrangement aims to maintain familial bonds, foster stability, and mitigate the trauma of separation. Kinship caregivers require adequate support to navigate the challenges of caring for children in their custody, including changes in family dynamics, financial and legal assistance, and securing permanency. Notably, there are two forms of kinship care: informal, where children are privately placed with relatives, and formal, where child welfare agencies oversee placement. Research underscores the benefits of kinship care, such as smoother transitions for children, fewer behavioral issues, and increased stability. With millions of children raised by relatives nationwide, kinship caregivers are not eligible for various forms of assistance, ranging from financial aid to therapeutic services, underscoring the need for community support in addressing their unique challenges.

Foster Care

Foster care provides temporary shelter for children, aiming for their eventual reunion with birth parents or relatives. Community support is crucial during this challenging period, as intervention and nurturing significantly impact these children's lives. In North Carolina alone, thousands of children enter foster care annually, spanning infancy to 17 years of age, each with unique backgrounds and needs, including physical or emotional challenges. Unfortunately, aging out of foster care presents significant hurdles, as these young adults face higher risks of unemployment, homelessness, and involvement with the criminal justice system. Despite the staggering statistics, foster care support programs offer hope, demonstrating improved outcomes.

How Do We Help

No one is born with the skills and practical knowledge of how to navigate through life independently. Many learn through observing and practice directed by a parent or guardian. However, these skills may not be sufficiently developed in foster youth. All Things New Inc. offer program participants, including kinship caregivers, to live successfully despite challenges.


Understanding Rights and Entitlements as a Foster Child or Kinship Care

Child Life Coach

Soft Skills Training

Identity Purpose

Financial Literacy, including Establishing Your Financial Baseline, Accessing Financial Products and Services, and Why Credit Matters

Protecting Your Identity



Life Coverage

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