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Patricia Holland

C.A.M Coaching Practice LLC.

At C.A.M Coaching, we believe that "Those who have a clear vision of what is before them make the wisest decisions." Our coaching is tailored for essentially everyone looking to find balance, clarity, and fulfillment in both their professional and personal lives. 

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving environment, identifying your goals and the hurdles that stand in your way is crucial. C.A.M Coaching is here to illuminate those obstacles and collaboratively craft strategies to navigate through them. By focusing on your unique strengths and talents, our coaching program ensures that you're not just setting goals, but also taking actionable steps towards achieving them. Our coaches act as your accountability partners, ensuring that each session brings you closer to turning your professional dreams and personal aspirations into reality.

Why engage with a Coach? The complexity of modern life demands more from us than ever before. Amidst the opportunities for unprecedented self-expression and advancement, it's easy to feel lost or stuck in life that doesn't ignite passion. Whether you're climbing the corporate ladder, transitioning into retirement, or simply seeking a deeper sense of purpose in your life, C.A.M Coaching offers the guidance, support, and practical tools you need to thrive. Success requires work, dedication, and time, but with the right coach by your side, every step forward is made with confidence and clarity. Embrace the journey towards a more fulfilled, balanced life with C.A.M Coaching.

Our Packages

Compass Foundation Package

Embark on a transformative journey with our Compass Foundation Package. Over 6 months, receive tailored coaching for 1 hour, 24 times. Stay connected with text and email check-ins as we work together to set concrete goals and strategies in areas like career, relationships, finances, and health. Develop a C.A.M. lifestyle with our support to enhance self-discipline, focus, and success in reaching your life goals. Monthly bonus offers are included. Commit to your growth and invest in yourself for $1,275.00. #PersonalDevelopment #SelfImprovement

Anchor Path Package

Join our exclusive 3-month Anchor Path Package, where we will meet 1 hour 12 times to work on establishing concrete goals and transforming your thought patterns. Stay connected through text and email check-ins, we will guide you toward achieving your desired direction. Develop strategies and self-care routines to become the best version of yourself. Invest in your personal growth for $875.00. #PersonalDevelopment #GoalSetting

Mindset Laser Coaching Package

  Experience the power of focused coaching with our Mindset Laser Coaching Package! This 1-month program includes 4 one-hour sessions tailored to your chosen topic. Ideal for coaching newcomers looking to enhance goal-setting and productivity. Invest in your growth for $300.00. #Coaching #GoalSetting

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Ameera - London ON, Canada

"Patricia is an excellent coach. From the start of our session, she made me feel very comfortable with the process. She has an outgoing yet calming disposition and she helped me to come up with some great strategies on how to stay focused on my goal and to engage my husband as a partner in the process to help keep me accountable. I was really pleased with our session and would recommend Patricia to anyone looking for a Life Coach"

W.G. North Carolina

I’m very thankful to you for your coaching  your conversation was very helpful to the point that there is a great change in how I communicate with supervisor plus boss I thank you for taking the time to explore my concerns I will be in contact with you again in near future thanks I will refer others who could benefit from your gift thanks again.

Kelly B

Woo woo! You go girl. Yesterday I sat outside and read for an hour. I’m working on the self care!

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