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Executive Team

Patricia, a child of the Living God, grew up in a home where her mother accepted many youth and young adults into the family home. As a result, Patricia knows the life of living with an extended family of brothers and sisters with whom she still has a loving family bond today. Patricia is married to a wonderful man, a family of three children, she is a member of Springfield Baptist Church of Garner NC.

Patricia has a strong belief that God is guiding her to reach out and assist the most vulnerable population of foster care children. She enjoys using her God-given gift of working to assist youth and young adults to accomplish being all that they can be by renewing their minds, making all things new for a new outlook on life one step at a time.

Patricia is a GRAND VOICES member and one of the representatives of North Carolina where she serves as a strategic partner to inform policies and practices affecting grand families and help reveal family strengths, needs, and service gaps.

Patricia attended Wake Tech and completed several training courses including North Carolina Criminal Justice Education, Training Standards Commission Certification in legal requirements from court rulings, and medical training. She also served as a youth and adult counselor, as well as a patient care forensic.

Patricia Holland

Dedicated Volunteers

Wallace Holland – Volunteer

Terry Williams – Accountant

Jonnetta Richardson – Volunteer

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